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Triple Locking Security Door

Triple Locking Security Door

Batman Brand Security Door

Triple locking securitry doorBeing mobile locksmiths in Campbelltown for home door locks, we travel to all suburbs for security doors and

Today I was out at Ambavale for a customer which had an issue with a triple locking security door [Batman brand ] on the front door which they don’t make anymore .

I arrived and the triple-locking security door was jammed closed. I had to make a decision to how I was going to open and save this lock, so the customer could keep the lock .

After about 15 minutes the triple-locking security door was open.

The lock was saved and the customer was very happy 1 with saving the lock which allowed them to keep using the same key. 2 The price, it was a lot cheaper for the customer as well to keep the lock. We carry out many triple-locking security door lock repairs and door lock replacements when needed and are always there for our customers.

Door Lock Replacement For Bedroom Doors

Door Lock Replacement For Bedroom Doors

Door Handle Replacement

Door Handle Replacement For Bedroom Doors

Here at All Solutions, we get many requests from door lock replacement jobs to outright door lock fit outs with fully secured locking systems.

On the odd occasion we have requests for the simpler things in life like bedroom door handles. As locksmiths in Campbelltown, there is never a job for us that is too small.

Even when it comes to fitting new bedroom door handles and locks.

Camden Park Locksmith Call Out

Bedroom Door Lock Installation

Today I was out at Camden Park.A customer wanted a lock solution to a problem they had, they needed a lock that was able to be locked from the outside with a key and from inside a turn snib to lock the outside handle. These locks were to be fitted on bedroom doors. So I got the customer to send a photo through to me of the old lock.

I came up with a couple of options and the customer chose this style, this was the closest color match ( bright chrome) and was the most cost effective way fitting the new lock in the same position of the old lock. Whether you need a simple door lock fitting, are searching for a commercial locksmith or a car locksmith in Campbelltown, give us a call

Door Handle Repalcement

Need Door Locks Fitted To Bedroom Doors ? Give Us A Call Today On 0414 439 142